Library at PGMI

In this scenario, the importance of a modern library can be hardly denied. There is a well established library with about 13,000 volumes of valuable books on various aspects of medicine. About Rs. 300, 000 to Rs. 350, 000 is annually spent for the purchase of new books for the library. The library comittee comprised of senior faculty members updating the library from time to time. About 35 reputed periodicals of various specialities are on the contribution list of the institute every year. There is also a series of Index medicus of reference to all accessible journals in medicine.

Library timings are: 08:00 AM to 12:00 AM. About 25 students of PGMI daily visit the library. Four newspapers are supplied daily to the Library; 2 English & 2 Urdu Newspapers. Magazines are also received at the library. 400 thesies/research works (in hard copy format) of alumni is available in the library. 

Old librarian, Mr. Bashir reitred in 2003. The new librarian, Ms Sadia Rashid has joined since 2008. At present library staff strength is 8-10. Staff of admin department also sits in the reference room of the library. Gallery is also being shared with Admin. Reading hall is being shared with SIMS. Five Air Conditioners are installed in the library.

Concept of digital library was introduced by Prof. Zameer at PGMI in 2005. UHS-mother organization is providing the facility of digital library (Internet Facility) with the collaboration of HEC. This facility has been made accessible to students of PGMI since 2008 with efforts of the librarian, Ms. Sadia Rashid. LIMS (Libray Software-for books entry,search, issuance etc.) is in pipeline.