Our Vision

Vision of Ameer-ud-Din Medical College, Lahore.

To improve Community Healthcare Services through excellence in Undergraduate Medical Education

Vision of Postgraduate Medical Institute, Lahore.

  • Center of Excellence for Postgraduate Medical Education and Research in the province
  • Provide a firm base for the expansion and propagation of the scientific knowledge in medicine
  • Provision of quality health care through quality medical education
  • PGME must be managed by formation of national health professionals education policy
  • Community based programmes must be an integral part of PGME s’ clinical and research activities
  • PGME s’ departments be transformed to modern clinical departments with well equipped laboratories
  • Operational efficiency of PGME s’ departments must be focused
  • Forums be provided for communication and focus of ideas for all those concerned with development of human resources for health
  • Strengthen the Health delivery in the area and enhance the human resource development
  • Resolve the prevailing uncertainty and restore the confidence of the health providers in this institution