Purchase Cell

Prof. Dr. Muniza Saeed
Head of the Department

Dr. Sharjeel Ilyas
Incharge Purchase Cell 

Dr. Hafiz Umar Farooq
Purchase Officer

Waseem Akram
Purchase Assistant

Hafiz Muhammad Ashraf

Khwaja Usman Ghani

Sr. Clerk

Dil Nawaz
Computer Operator

Moazam Ali

Purchase Assistant (OWC)

Muhammad Afzal
Naib Qasid

Following function are exercised by the Purchase Cell of PGMI.

  • Assists all Departments of PGMI/AMC in maintaining compliance to all Institute policies regarding contrasting & purchasing
  • Provides leadership through contract negotiations Suppliers management & modern purchasing technologies
  • Give first consideration to the objective & policies of the Institution
  • Execute all purchase orders of research laboratory, Equipments and services
  • Analyze quotation and proposal
  • Evaluate & Select suppliers
  • Evaluate Performance of supplier
  • Conduct market trend studies
  • Conduct cost Analyses
  • Support the Institute commitment to environmental responsibility
  • Support the Institute commitment to outreach to the local business community
  • Assists Departments Involved in contracts & grants in maintaining compliance to all applicable regulations