Our Message

I would like to greet you from Ameer-ud-Din Medical College / Postgraduate Medical Institute, affiliated with Lahore General Hospital. It is an honour for me to introduce this college to you as Principal. When I look back on the road we have traveled, the lives we have touched, and people who have served and benefited from this institution, it gives me motivation to move further and look forward with high hopes for the future. Since its inception, this college has been envisioned an educational model, which focused initially on just postgraduate education. However, it was given opportunity to work with different undergrad colleges. Now we have our own Medical college, which is focused on the holistic development of students, an education that goes beyond classroom learning to encompass character building attitudes, clinical skills and a competitive spirit, with an ever enthusiastic teaching faculty willing to teach and learn at the same time. Our teaching has already moved to student centered. Increasing bed strength, new department development and new buildings are adding to this colour of diversity. This College has always had a strong focus on academics, a fact that is reflected in the performance of our students in the University examinations. We are en-route to have our own sports facilities, and till that time, providing co-curricular activities to our students through different facilities in public sector. Also, the college actively helps nurture the latent potential in our students. The laurels who romped home at different competitions speak volumes about the talents in our students. Our students, faculty, serving staff and patients are our priority. We are confident to face the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. Moreover, our students are emerging as sensitive individuals ready to contribute in a healthy society. 

Prof. Sardar Muhammad Al Fareed Zafar
MBBS, FCPS, FRCOG, (UK) MCE (Astralia) Monash (UNI)
Fellowship R.E (Singapore) NUS

Postgraduate Medical Institute/
Ameer-ud-Din Medical Institute
Lahore General Hospital,