Message from Patron

 Dear Readers,

In the few years that Ameer ud din has come into existence, its administration and student body have worked hard to make it a college of excellence. As another year has gone by another milestone has been achieved. This magazine which came into creation last year, continues to be just one of the many hall marks and representative platforms of how much Ameerians have achieved. I stand proud of my students who are setting up wonderful traditions in this institution. I would like to thank Prof Dr Agha Shabbir Ali, The Staff president, whose efforts and perseverance and above all, the interest in literature brought this magazine to light. I hope all of you enjoy reading this wonderful piece of art and literature known as "AMLIT”.

Prof. Ghias-un-Nabi Tayyab

Message from Staff President

Dear Readers,
As another year has come and gone, the 2nd issue of AMLIT has been published. Thanks to my editorial team who has worked effortlessly day and night to produce another masterpiece, better and even more creative than the last issue. The last issue by the grace of Allah Almighty and as far as public opinion goes was a splendid literary marvel, an amalgamation of all the ideas that the students of Ameer ud din medical college hold. I would like to thank Allah for giving me another chance to hold this position of Staff President. My Hearted gratitude to Principal for giving his support for the fundamental administrative process. Tireless efforts of Editor in Chief Muhammad Ali and Magazine Secretary Masood Ramzan needs my very special appreciation who kept all the Editorial board as a team during the process. Last but not the least I would like to laud the editorial board whose gruesome effort of sorting and editing through article give you all that is in the pages to come.
Prof. Dr. Agha Shabir

Message from Editor Inchief

Dear Readers,
"I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up that we will be able to transform the angling discords of our nation into beautiful symphony of brotherhood that we will always walk together and remind our nation of the fierce urgency of now, for Now is the Time not to allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Inspite of all difficulties of the moment still I have a dream". These lines of Martin Luther King summarizes the motto of this year's AMLIT "Reach for the sky" a dream to take AMLIT to the heights where no one reach. Behind this mask of flesh are not just bones There is a warm blood .Minds filled with knowledge and exquisite ideas to change people and change the world around by expressing their knowledge and point of view .It is a source of great satisfaction for me that AMLIT is providing platform to the students for expressing their inner talents and showing the world that we are not just doctors but a more than that. It is indeed a great honor for me to serve the capacity of editor in chief of AMLIT 2016 for the second time .This had also entitled me to the huge responsibility to come up with something more interesting and reader friendly than the last year's AMLIT and I hope I have fulfilled it with vigor .This could have never been possible without the help of Allah Almighty and prayers of my parents. I would like to pay my deepest gratitude to Prof. Dr. Khalid Mehmood for smoothing many hitches via his patronage and Staff President Prof. Dr. Agha Shabbir Ali for having faith in me ,nothing would have been possible without his enlightening guidance. I could not go any further without thanking the whole editorial board which worked unrelentingly to measure up to the goal we had set for ourselves. Have a good read!!!

Muhammad Ali 

Message from Magazine Secretary

Dear Readers,
Another Year, Another Success, it gives me immense pleasure to present you, the 2 Edition of AMLIT. I am grateful to our worthy Principal Professor Dr. Khalid Mehmood and our Staff President Professor Dr. Agha Shabbir Ali who showed continued confidence in us which helped the completion of 2nd edition of AMLIT. I would also like to congratulate our Editor In Chief Muhammad Ali who led by the example and facilitated us in every manner. I am also indebted to members of editorial board who worked tirelessly in making this dream possible. The new edition of AMLIT shows the commitment of the students of Ameer ud din and their devotion in making the college an institute of perfection not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities. The foundations and the traditions of Ameer ud din medical college are getting stronger and stronger due to the hard work and resolve of the students. I hope that the readers will like the new edition of AMLIT and will appreciate the hard work of the contributors and the Editorial team.

Masood Ramzan