Department of Surgery


The department of surgery in LGH consists of three units which are situated in phase I building. Collectively there are 70 beds and weekly cover is given for emergency, operation theatre and outdoor for 2 days each by every unit.Turnover of patients in OPD on average is 650 per week. Residents join the surgical floor from after doing primary fellowship either from CPSP or RCS, or as MS students. The department of surgery has an exemplary pass record for these students. The department also provides general surgical training to FCPS and MS students of allied specialties, including Urology, Neurology and Orthopedics Surgery, varying from 6-18 months. Department of surgery conducts training workshops regularly. So far this year three workshops have been conducted by the surgical unit II alone. The CPC for LGH is also organized by the surgical unit II. 229 consecutive CPCs have been organized so far. As befits a CPC they are multi-disciplinary and are well attended. The department is also doing clinical research work. Few topics that are under investigation are as follows:

  • Topical nitroglycerine vs. lateral sphincterotomy in chronic anal fissure
  • Preperitonealmesh vs. darnings repairs of inguinal hernia
  • Stapled vs. open haemorrhoidectomy
  • Role of diagnostic laproscopy in obscuring lower abdominal pain in females
  • Surgical treatment options for diabetic foot infection
  • Comparison of fine needle aspiration cytology vs. open biopsy for chronic cervical lymphadenopathy
  • Comparison of Mayo's and sublay mesh repair for para-umblical hernia

​The Department of Surgery at LGH  is one of the oldest surgical departments in the city. It comprises of 3 surgical units each with its own area of expertise. Each Surgical Unit cares for elective and emergency surgical patients. Comprising of 60 inpatient beds and 8 private rooms, surgical unit 1 is one of the largest departments in the hospital.  Under the leadership of Professor this unit continues to lead the way in improving patient outcomes with leading-edge surgical care. Our surgical team is highly skilled and most committed. We ensure that our patients receive the best possible perioperative care. We have state of the art operation theatres which are equipped with all the latest surgical equipment including HD laparoscopes, choledochoscopes and energy devices. Surgical 1 is the only unit performing all kinds of advanced laparoscopic procedures. Inguinal hernia repairs (TEP and TAPP), ventral hernia repairs, endoscopic thyroidectomy, bariatric surgery procedures (sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, mini gastric bypass), hemicolectomies, rectal resections and solid organ resections (adrenal, kidney and spleen) are all performed laparoscopically. Surgical 1 has also become a referral center for all complex surgical cases. We deal with all kinds of complicated hepatobiliary cases, cancers of the GI tract, breast pathologies, endocrine disorders and also extend our services to other departments like gynaecology, urology and orthopaedics on case to case basis. We are one of the few units in public sector hospitals which has extended its laparoscopic services to the emergency. In emergency we perform a variety of procedures from diagnostic laparoscopy to interventional procedures like appendectomy, duodenal perforation repair, release of bands and stoma formations. Surgical unit 1 is also actively involved in teaching of under and post graduate students. We have weekly lectures of 3rd, 4th and final year MBBS classes. These students are also required to come to the ward where they are trained in history taking and physical examination. Postgraduate trainees apart from attending regular rounds, OPDs and theatres also have 2 teaching sessions per week.  We are conducting courses on BLS, ACLS  Early Management of Trauma(The ATLS Way) for post graduate trainees. We are also conducting Preparatory Course for FCPS/MS Exams. Surgical 1 has taken on the task on holding multidisciplinary meetings. We are in charge of conducting once a month CPC meeting which is attended by all the departments of the hospital and medical students. We have also started a tumor board meeting on a monthly basis, which is attended by surgeons, radiologists pathologists and on special request oncologists from INMOL. We plan to extend this tumor board to other departments and make this a standard of care for all cancer patients presenting to LGH. At surgical 1 we are committed to excellence and providing state of the art facilities for our patients. Our aim is to become one of the best surgical units in the country.

Courses Offered

  • M. S General Surgery
  • FCPS General Surgery

Research Publications

  • To be Uploaded

Faculty Unit I

Dr. Amna Javed
(Prof. of General Surgery)
Head of the Department (Unit I)

Dr. Zahid Sattar
Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Shabbir Ahmad Ch
Assistant Professor

Dr. Falksher
Senior Registrar

Dr. Qasim
Senior Registrar

Faculty Unit II


Dr. Ajmal Farooq

Head of the Department (Unit II)


Dr. Muhammad Kareem Ullah
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ahmad Naeem
Senior Registrar

Dr. Shahzad Naveed

Senior Registrar

Dr. Muhammad Nasir

Senior Registrar

Dr. Adeel Mushtaq

Faculty Unit III

Professor of Surgery
Head of the Department (Unit III)


Dr. Saeed Mahmood
Assistant Professor

Dr. Aun Jamal Gill
Assistant Professor



Dr. Rabia
Senior Registrar

Dr. Anwar Zaib 
Senior Registrar