Department of Plastic Surgery


Reconstructive Surgeries Routinely performed in collaboration with Neurosurgery, General Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery. OPD opens Twice weekly (Tuesday & Friday). Future planning of the department includes.

  • Burn center with HDU for management of  acute Burn patients
  • Microsurgical free tissue transfer on availability of evening anesthesia cover and OT staff
  • Training Workshops for post graduate residents
  • Develop a center for management of Vascular Malformations as a combined modality with Neuroradiology

Courses Offered

  • MD Plastic Surgery
  • FCPS Plastic Surgery

Research Publications

  • To be Uploaded





Dr. Roomana Akhiaque
Associate Professor (OPS)


Dr. Muhammad Amin
Assistant Professor


Dr. Muhammad Nasrullah
Assistant Professor

Dr. Samia Fatima
Sr. Registrar