Department of Physiology

Prof. Muniza Saeed        
Associate Professor
Dr. Saqib Sohail        
  Dr. Samita Yasmin MBBS    
Faculty of Ameer ud Din Medical College
  Dr. Ahmad Javaid      
  Dr. Iram Arshad      
  Dr. Muhammad Bin Naseer      
  Dr. Komal Iqbal      
  Dr. Sana Rasheed Ch.      
  Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim      

Physiology department is involved in the initiation and promotion of post-graduate education in physiology. The teaching faculty as a team is devoted to facilitating the students of M.Phil and clinical diploma / degree courses who come to PGMI for training in basic sciences. The students are engaged in lectures, practicals, seminars, journal club activities & tutorial classes during the academic sessions. The time table is provided at the beginning of the academic year.

Spacious offices for the faculty are available and there is provision of a well-equipped lecture theatre with audiovisual support and internet access to accommodate 200 students at a time. Additional features of the department include a well-stocked library, functioning laboratory and tutorial room.

Research is an important aspect of post graduate training and in the department ongoing research projects are.

  • Serum ACE and arterial pressure responses to cotton dust.

  • Serum leptin& cortisol in hypertensive patients with and without metabolic syndrome.

  • Relationship of serum leptin levels to chronological age, BMI & puberty staging in girls.

  • Serum homocysteine, C reactive protein level &ankle brachial index in migrainers.

  • Hypoglycemic &hypolipidemic effect of turmeric in alloxan induced diabetic rats.

 We hope to add to our student body the new undergraduates who will join us once the medical college is established and will endeavor to provide a stimulating environment for academic and co-curricular development.




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