Department of Pharmacology


The department of Pharmacology at Post Graduate Medical Institute is run by qualified and experienced faculty. The environment is quite conducive for the proper functioning of the department. It has got spacious and well equipped laboratory, acoustically adjusted lecture rooms with audiovisual facility, museum with multitude of drug samples and charts and library with tranquil environment.Pharmacology is a scientific discipline concerned with the action of chemicals on biologic systems. Medical Pharmacology, in which we are more interested, is the use of chemicals for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease. Medical students will be instructed and examined in this discipline theoretically and practically in the 3rd year of M.B.B.S. session. Animal house has all the facilities to keep the animals alive in their required temperature and perform both routine laboratory practical and research projects. It has been the utmost desire of the institution to evolve research culture. There are three offices for faculty members, two lecture theatres which are shared by other departments, one laboratory, two demonstration rooms and one store. 
The current emphasis has been on training M. Phil students and those students of diploma/degree courses who need to study pharmacology as an ancillary subject. Ongoing research projects of the students are monitored and supervised by the able staff of the department.

Courses Offered

  • M. Phil Pharmacology

Research Publications

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Dr. Sabeen Irshad
Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Head of the Department


Dr. Amer Hassan Siddiqui
Sr. Demonstrator

Dr. Arooj Malkera
Sr. Demonstrator

Dr. Muhammad Usman Azher

Dr. Nadiya Khan

Dr. Shafia Naseer