Department of Neurosurgery


The Department of Neurosurgery at LGH is the oldest and premier department and is the leader of Neurosurgery for more than 50 years in Pakistan. Since its inception in 1964 and covering developmental milestones from beggar house to new building in 1981, it has been finally housed in 500 bedded Punjab Institute of Neurosciences at Lahore General Hospital Lahore. The Department has contributed enormously to development of Neurosurgery in Pakistan. Over years we have pioneered many new surgical techniques and have trained more than half of the members of Pakistan Society of Neurosurgeons. We have three independently functioning Professorial Neurosurgery Units along with team of 2 Associate Professors,12 Assistant Professors, 9 Senior Registrars and 70 postgraduate trainees distributed among  three units. There is Professorial department of Neurology .We have two dedicated operation theatres only for Emergency surgery with round the clock anesthesia cover. At present there are three theatres dedicated to elective Neurosurgery which will be increased to 8 in few months. There is robust teaching and training program with grand teaching rounds, CPC, journal club and mortality meetings. There is 12 stations Neurosurgery skill lab. The biannual journal of Neurosurgery is published from here. Our Motto is to train doctors in Neurosurgery at par with international standards and provide congenial environment for clinical research that will help future generations of Pakistan. Each day 350 patients are seen in OPD, 100 in emergency with output of nearly 7000 elective and emergency brain and spine operations in a year. Punjab Institute of Neurosciences is the most well equipped place in the country in Public sector with a variety of Endoscopes, drills ,microscopes , CUSA, Neuronavigation system, Stereotactic system, Microelectrode recording, spinal cord evoked potentials and facial monitor. We have the best Neurodiagnostics with 3 CT scans (latest is 128 slice), 2 MRI (1.5 &3Tesla),multiplanar angiography. Minimal access surgery, Endoscopic Endonasal skull base surgery, awake craniotomies, Endoscopic spinal surgery, advanced spinal instrumentation and Neuroendovascular work is a routine with us. Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood pioneered Deep Brain Stimulation(DBS) surgery for Parkinsonism in Pakistan on 30th November 2014. We are the National referral centre for Deep Brain stimulation(DBS), thalamotomy, pallidotomy, capsulotomy, RF Rhizotomy procedures in Pakistan.

The department is actively involved in academic activities for its residents. Professorial morning teaching rounds are conducted thrice a week. The biannual journal of Neurosurgery is published. Our Motto is to train doctors in Neurosurgery at par with international standards and provide congenial environment for clinical research that will help future generations of Pakistan. Average patients examined on each OPD day are 200-250 and nearly 80 patients on emergency days. 900-1000 elective and 800-900 emergency Neurosurgical operations each year. Apart from general Neurosurgical procedures, Western trained and qualified consultants have developed a niche for neurovascular work (Aneurysms /AVMs/ carotid endarterectomies), trans-sphenoidal, endoscopic surgery, trans-oral surgery, MRI guided stereotactic procedures and surgery for intractable epilepsy. Our future plans are to establish Punjab Institute of Neurosciences (PIN) which will be the centre par excellence for innovation and technological advancement of Brain and Spine diseases.

Courses Offered

  • M. S Neurosurgery
  • FCPS Neurosugery

Research Publications

  • To be Uploaded

Faculty Unit I

Prof. Rizwan Masood Butt
(Prof. of Neursurgery)
Head of the Department (Unit I)


Dr. Khalid Javed Rind
Assistant Professor

Dr. Ejaz Hussain Wadd

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hammad Nasir
Assistant Professor

Dr. Sikandar Ali

Assistant Professor

Dr. Amir Aziz
Assistant Professor

Faculty Unit II

Prof. Khalid Mahmood
(Professor of Neurosurgery)
Head of the Department (Unit II)

Dr. Fauzia Sajjad
Associate Professor

Dr. Muhammad Akmal

Assistant Professor

Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan
Assistant Professor


Faculty Unit III

Prof. Asif Bashir
(Prof. of Neurosurgery)
Head of the Department (Unit III)

Dr. Abdul Majid
Associate Professor

Dr. Asif Shabbir
Associate Professor