Department of Biochemistry


The Department of Biochemistry has been a pillar of the PGMI since its inception. It is located in the upper story building at the Birdwood road. It is a self-contained department that has a very active teaching and research programme. It has 2000 sq. feet covered area. This department principally enrolls M. Phil students. The ongoing research projects in this department are:

  • Study of Serum Chromium level in Patients with DM type II
  • Correlation of C Reactive protein with CK-MB and Cardiac Troponin T in MI
  • Sero-prevalance of HCV and its Genotype pattern in Asymptomatic population in rural areas
  • Tumour necrosis factor in Alpha in Chronic Hepatitis C being treated with interferon

Courses Offered

  • M. Phil Biochemistry

Research Publications

  • To be Uploaded


(Prof. of Biochemistry)
Head of the Department


Dr.Syed Faisal Hassan Shah
Associate Professor

Dr. Mudasar Zia
Assistant Professor

Dr. Faheem Afzal
Sr. Demonstrator

Dr. Shazia Akbar Khan

Dr. Iqra Malik

Dr. Zoya Fatima Tariq