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 Department of Anatomy

Prof. Fauzia Farzana
Assistant Professors
Dr. Marium Ashraf

Dr. Muhammad Sharjeel Ilyas
BDS (4173-D)

Sr. Demonstrators
Dr.Javeria Malik   Dr.Uzma Nayyar        
Dr. Hina Majid   Dr. Arooj Nawaz   Dr. Lubna Shahper    
Faculty of Ameer ud Din Medical College
Dr. Sadia Shakeel   Dr. Mubeena Abdul Qayyum   Dr. Aisha Majeed   Dr. Hamna Ansari
Dr. Muhammad Qasim Munir   Dr. Amna Ahsan   Dr. Annum Basit   Dr. Shagufta Nasreen

Dr. Rabia Haider



The anatomy department has been an academic pillar of the Institute since its inception in 1974.

 The department is actively involved in teaching and research programmes of postgraduate students including M. Phil and clinical diplomas. This year we hope to add to our credit the arrival of the first batch of MBBS students of Postgraduate Institute Medical College. The faculty of the department includes senior and well-respected teachers who have brought with them a rich and varied experience of teaching in some of the premier institutions of the province.

 There is a dissection hall which caters to the maintenance and preservation of cadavers, which are allotted to students so that they may learn the basis of Gross Anatomy by dissecting the regions allotted to them. Likewise there is a purpose built histology laboratory equipped with 25 light microscopes and one teaching microscope with four eyepieces. Lecture halls are available and shared by other basic departments with teaching schedules prepared accordingly. The teaching staff has a professorís office, associate professorís office and a room shared by the demonstrators. The department of Anatomy is conducting several research projects, some of them have been mentioned below:

  • Distribution of Fetal Thalassemia Gene Mutations in Thalassemic Couples.

  • Effect of Nandrolone  Decanoate and Exercise on Soleus Muscle Of Adult Rat

  • Cleft Palate and Cleft lip produced by Lamotrigine during 2nd Trimester in Mice

  • Histological effects induced by ribavirin in the testes of albino rats.

  • Determination of histological effects of monosodium Glutamate on the kidneys of adult wistar rats

  • Use of dexamethasone in non-endocrine diseases and effect on liver histology

  • Aspartame effect on liver

  • Histological Study of Kidney to observe omeprazole Induced Cytoxicitycomparative study of Effect of Topical Aging Agents on skin Histology of Albino Mice

  • Effect of mosquito coil smoke on kidney histology of albino rats

  • Effect of Honey on Wound Healing After Tooth Extraction

  • Morphological changes in dental pulp with different Depths of tooth preparation




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