Department of ENT

Prof. Najam-ul-Hasnain   Prof. Kashif Iqbal Malik    
Assistant Professors



Dr. Muhammad Dawood Saleem


Dr. Bakhat Aziz


ENT department of PGMI is situated in newly constructed phase II building of Lahore General Hospital and comprises of 35 beds. The Unit One of the ENT department is headed by DrIsrar Ahmad who has been associated with the PGMI since 1992. There is 01 resident Medical Officer and 07 postgraduates with 01 house officer in ENT unit I. There are 02 resident FCPS part II training course, 04 residents in MS (ENT) and 02 students in DLO teaching programme.

Professor DrNajam-ul-Hasnain Khan is in charge of ENT unit II since January 2009. He has 20 articles published in various reputed Journals of Pakistan. He has one international publication in JLO (UK).  

There is one resident Medical Officer with 07 postgraduates and one house officer in ENT unit II. Apart from 06 MS (ENT) residents there is 01 FCPS part II trainee.    

The department has an outdoor where the daily number of patients attendance is from 150 to 200. There are two operation days with each list comprising of 8-10 patients. Department provides most of the surgical facilities like mastoid surgery, head and neck surgery, skull base surgery along with routine surgery on nose and throat and larynx.

Department also provides emergency operation facilities like Tracheotomies, removal Foreign bodies from upper aero digestive tract and management of epistaxis.

As far the education programmes, the students are regularly trained by teaching staff through morning rounds, lectures, seminars and clinical conferences and case presentations by the students. A meticulous record of their teaching is maintained both at departmental and institutional levels. Various part I courses of diploma and degree are run by the basic departments of PGMI.

In addition to this there is main library, which contains numerous latest book on all aspects of the fields. Twenty four hour internet service is available in the department. This is in addition to a computer library available in Lahore General Hospitals, which has access to several on line free of cost journal services around the world.




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